Providence Tucker

Providence Tucker

Coach, General Manager

Deadlift 535lbs

Broad Jump 109 inches




Precision Nutrition Level 1

Trainology 1

Trainology 2

Trainology SPT

About Coach

I grew up in St. Charles, MO, graduated from Francis Howell High School and play soccer competitively for almost my entire life. I did play collegiately and earned my bachelor's degree from Missouri Baptist University. Before finishing college I began my career in fitness working for a local gym selling memberships where I fell in love with the industry.

Turning Point

While selling memberships at a commercial gym I realized that the people signing up needed help and many did not get it. I saw many people sign up and never check-in or would maybe check-in a few times then cancel a few months later. What I found was that most of those people needed someone to walk the journey with them. And at the same time I was fed up with the cold calls, side of the fitness industry that I grew to dislike and one of my favorite places to be was turning into a place that I began to dread. I told my boss I wanted out of membership sales to become a personal trainer and the rest is history.

Motivation & Passion

I coach fitness because I never had one but see the need for so many adults and children. I was fortunate to have a few really great soccer coaches who I look up to and model after. To me, a coach can help sort through all of the information that is out there and give a person only the pieces that are pertinent to them. A coach is there to inspire but also for accountability. A coach is there to keep you safe but also celebrate your successes. Seeing anyone I work with make 1% improvement is my main motivation.

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