Cody Cornier

Cody Cornier

Coach, Personal Trainer


NSCA-Certified Personal Trainer

About Coach

I played all kinds of different sports growing up, the main one being lacrosse. I currently play for the Division 2 team at Maryville University and have been a starter for the 3 years I have been here. As a current athlete, I know what it takes to achieve greatness, and what it is like to be in the highs and lows of playing competitively. I use my experience as an athlete and in the weight room to help athletes both become great at their sport and develop the necessary skills for an active life after sport.

Turning Point

As I grew up I tried my hand in almost every sport you could imagine, finally landing myself on a Division 1 lacrosse roster. However, my journey was cut short after sustaining a lower back injury, landing me here, in St. Louis. After finishing and getting cleared from physical therapy, I was pain-free but weak. Barely being able to squat 135 for more than 2 reps in the following Fall, I faced an uphill battle to get back to playing at 100%. I faced frustrations, doubts, and having the itch to get back out there. That is where lifting weights comes in. Working with my strength coach at college, I worked day in and day out to get back the strength I had lost. After about 5 months of hard work to get my strength back, I defeated my lower back pain. I currently play for Maryville University and will be graduating in 2025. After that rough patch in my career, I decided to get into coaching to help others. Starting with lacrosse and entering myself into the world of strength and conditioning, I first started working within my school weight room training various different teams, and eventually finding myself here at Trainology. As a current athlete and young coach, I've learned a thing or two. It takes a lot to be a great athlete, and I want to help others reach their goals. Whether that is battling injuries, getting faster, stronger, and even working on sports-specific skills and qualities.

Motivation & Passion

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